Let's Make Our Own Olympics and Not Invite All the Jocks

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With the world's eyes on the 2012 Summer Olympics, commenter GiantBoyDetective, awash in newly-discovered marital bliss, takes a moment out of his busy husbandry to ponder the perfect video game Olympics in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Oh man! I just had an awesome idea. There should be an Olympics for video games. They could call it (Drum Roll)... The Pixelympics!

Different events, like FPS games, speed runs on platformers, fighting games, racing games. Holy crap it could be awesome! I need to figure out how to pull this off on a global scale. Or maybe just a national scale. It could be every 3 or 4 years just like the real Olympics. How in the world could I pull this together... Kickstarter? Hmmm. I love this idea. Toughts?

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You'd have to find a perfectly balanced game, with no exploitable bugs or anything like that for all events which might prove more difficult than you might think.