Let's Look At White Knight Chronicles 2

Role playing game White Knight Chronicles 2 is the upcoming sequel to White Knight Chronicles 1. Here is the "opening trailer".

White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness will be out on the PS3 in Japan this July.

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You know what... as I grow older, I've outgrown Japanese games but not western games. Is it just me, or anybody else feels this way?

Cuz that trailer up there looks so unappealing to me right now, when it should be appealing to me 5-10 years ago.

When you reach my age, 25 and start looking at life seriously. Japanese games just no longer satisfy. It feels like Japanese games are more juvenile both storywise and tech wise compared to western ones nowadays.

My old favourites like MGS, RE and FF are no longer up to the task, their storyline are just... bad. It no longer drives me into playing the game like it used to be. Tech wise, they left much to be desired too.

Yet, I found western games to be more suitable for mature gamers. Games, no matter Japanese made or western made are cheesy compared to other entertainment medium (KZ2, GOW3, MGS4 might look like multimillion dollar art projects, but if you step back and really look at them, they're all quite an exercise in bad taste), but it seems that Japanese games are cheesier than western ones? At least every now and then we get Uncharted 2 and Alan Wake, from the west. Is there an equivalent of these kind of games suitable for mature gamers from Japanese developer?

I've never have these many western games in my library before.