Let's Listen To The Akihabara Girl Group Sing Dragon Ball

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You know, why not. That's what ears are for.

As previously posted, idol group AKB48 is singing the ending theme for anime series Dragon Ball Kai. AKB48 has, depending on many members have joined or left, around 48 members. Seven members from the Akihabara-based idol outfit will make up a new sub-group called "Team Dragon" and perform the new ending theme. This ending theme.


Those members are Atsuko Maeda (18 years-old), Minami Takahashi (19), Yuki Kashiwagi (18), Haruna Kojima (22), Yuko Oshima (21), Tomomi Itano (18), and Mayu Watanabe (16).


Dragon Ball Kai debuted in 2009 to mark the 20th anniversary of the original series. Until now, the ending theme has been "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!", sung by Takayoshi Tanimoto.

Which do you prefer? (I'm asking about ending themes, people.)

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Was never a fan of these "multiple-girl girl groups." Is it me, or does every Asian country have them (yes, we have our own share of such groups here).

Still, there's a reason why these girls seem to appear in wallpapers of many, many guys here in the office.