Let's Leave The Game Consoles At Home, M'kay?

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Man, I love video games. They're great. But sometimes, they're totally unnecessary.


Yesterday was Children's Day in Japan. The family and I packed up our stuff and headed to the Expo Commemoration Park. It's where the 1970 World's Fair was held and is now a very green and a beautiful place to play frisbee or soccer or have a picnic.

There were tons of families doing that, enjoying the summer-like weather.

One thing I didn't quite get (and I say this as a gamer!) was that there were a small percentage of kids sitting on picnic mats and playing their Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. (Nothing as extreme as this, however) It was somewhat depressing — not so much that they were gaming, but that they were in a location in which they could run around and exercise. Yet, they weren't.

The equivalent would be someone walking into a fantastic arcade like Taito Hey in Akihabara and instead of playing any games, just sit there and flip through a magazine. It's someone not taking advantage of what's available to them that bothers me the most.

And I guess playing a video game outside is a bit like reading a book outside and a way to enjoy an enjoyable activity outdoors. But, you can always read a book on the sofa at home. You can't play soccer, though.


Seriously, the only time I had my Game Boy outside was when it was an event I wasn't participating in and had to endure till the end due to a lack of patience as a child.

I have to say, there was a nice parental advantage with the old Game Boys.

Child: I'm almost done Dad, let me finish this level!

Dad: Look, we came here to play kick ball with your brother and sister. No video games.


Dad: *removes AAs*

Child: D: