​Let's Hope These Nintendo Mobile Games Never Happen

Donkey Kong, re-imagined as a riff on Angry Birds. Duck Hunt, where you dispatch waterfowl with a slash of a fingertip. Flappy Mario. Please, God, no.

Nintendo's said that they're not "releasing Mario on smart devices." One investor in the company really wants them to. So, of course, the folks at Red Bull's video game site had to go and imagine what Nintendo's famous games would look like in touch-centric form.


The jokes (they ARE jokes, right?) present six Nintendo favorites in lowest-common-denominator form, transposing characters and stages into the templates of top-selling mobile games. They're interesting to think about but only for, like, a minute. If such a future ever comes to pass, we can only hope that the charm and masterful game feel that Nintendo brings to its games on its self-produced hardware translated to other companies' devices.


[via Red Bull]

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