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Let's Hope Half-Life 3 Looks This Good

While game studio Valve torture the world with a lack of updates to the Half-Life universe, animator James Benson has whipped up for kicks his own vision for an updated, improved Half-Life game.

Benson, who put together the brilliant Dance Fortress 2, has modelled not only a more fluid set of movements for Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman, but for the first time we get to see his legs, too!


Note this isn't an official concept piece or anything; Benson is simply an animator who likes to keep a very public sketchbook, so if you've begun penning angry letters to Valve, you can stop and take a deep breath.


The whole thing is very intimate, immediate and cinematic, taking as many cues from Call of Duty as it does Half-Life. We are very impressed.

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Konstantin Art

Hey modern developers this is how modern FPS should be done!

It is 2010 today and our protagonist is still just a floating gun.

I never understand why developers are so narrow minded or simply lazy..

I can remember only three games where our hero have wasn't flying camera with a gun, and have legs, arms and at least developers trying to achieve some sort of realism with movements of limbs.

Those games are:Tresspasser, Chronicles Of Riddic, Crysis.

2010 year...

Give us legs and arms, dammit!:)

p.s.Seems like forthcoming Bulletstorm will be okay with that.