Let's Get to Know Catherine's Hero

By night Catherine's Vincent Brooks climbs the teetering towers of his nightmares. By day he's an average guy in a long-term relationship with a woman that wants him to commit.


While Catherine is a horror / suspense game, at its core is a story that's been told countless times across many forms of media. Girl wants boy to commit, boy isn't sure, boy meets new girl, who turns out to be some strange parasitic dream vampire or something. Same old, same old. I'd be more excited about its release next month if that sort of stuff didn't happen to me all the time.

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I have to say this: I really, really dislike Katherine. I mean, it's one thing to want a guy to marry you, but if he's got no real intentions of it and can't even recall how long you've been together, it's obviously time to move on to greener pastures.

Then again, I identify more with Orlando than anything. I've been through a divorce and it's pretty much sold me on the idea of never being married again. At least the guy I'm with right now isn't pressuring me into it like my ex-husband did.