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Let's Discuss Alan Wake Episode Five - Now

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We are up to Alan Wake's fifth episode and a well-lit room. Time to talk about a few things.


-How's the gameplay holding up for everyone? Enough variety? I'd already played a preview version of the game, which included the spotlight moment on the dam. So that was spoiled for me. There is just enough variety in the flashlights that I'm still happy with the range of play options offered. (But I do wish I could have Alan wear the Christmas lights!)

-Did you like having an ally character in this chapter? At first I was disappointed with how easy it made the early part of the episode, as if the game was stealing all my kills. But then you are separated from Sheriff Breaker, have to fend for yourself, and get to experience the satisfying re-grouping later on. I liked that flow, from pseudo-co-op, to solo to pseudo-co-op again.


-Any theories on Thomas Zane? What's up with him writing about a boy named Alan?

Note: Our Alan Wake Game Club will return Thursday, at the same hour, 3pm Kotaku Time (5pm ET/ 2pm PT) with a discussion of the game's sixth (and final?) episode

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AchromaticMagus Loves Wotter

Can we discuss the advertising?

I dont have the game, but as I noted in Speakup, I'm really blown away that Kotaku hasn't had an article about the horribly jarring advertising in the game. Why hasn't it been brought up? It wasn't even mentioned in Kotaku's review, or the article about how the game supposedly transcends it's medium.


How could this go ignored so long?