Let's Crowdsource This Video Game's 'Magic Eye' Posters

I've always been pretty good at Magic Eye posters. I even had one in my room as a kid. It was of dinosaurs, I believe, and I got very good at crossing my eyes just so and making the Tyrannosaurs and the Archaeopteryx come to life.

True to its 90s setting, there are a couple of Magic Eye posters in the (excellent) new exploration game Gone Home. But for the life of me, I can't tell what they are. Maybe I'm just getting old? Or maybe it's just hard to work the same magic when I'm looking at images on a computer monitor.


I thought I'd crowd-source this sucker. What's going on in these two posters?

And don't tell me one's a schooner. Or a sailboat.

(Unless one actually is.)

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