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It's Halloween night in Osaka, and most people DO NOT CARE. That's not all, it's the eve of the DSi launch in Osaka, and likewise, most people DO NOT CARE. That is an overstatement. People do care, and the product will probably be successful. But here I am, standing in front of Umeda's Yodobashi Camera at the exit where tons of people lined up years back for DS Lite launch. This pic was taken at 9:00pm Japan time and as one can see, there's no line! Granted, this is one store in all of Japan — it is a very big store in a very big city! But no doubt, somewhere in this country of 120 million people, someone is lining up for a DSi right at this moment. Just don't know who... Smart money says those who are interested in purchasing the portable will line stand early tomorrow morning. If they don't secure the DSi then, we're going into a three-day-weekend in Japan, so people have plenty of time to pick one up. If not then, well, there are more days in the calendar. They can pick one.


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