Let's Call It A Rejection Simulator

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This behind-the-scenes look at the AKB 48 dating simulator shows the girls doing more than simply mugging for the camera. They're throwing themselves at it.


A high speed camera and a crane was involved in the production! There were even background extras.


The point of the game is turn down 47 of the 48 AKB members and then date one of them.

There is footage of the girls throwing themselves before the player and then being turned down.

This game sounds more like a "turning attractive girls down" simulator than a dating simulator.

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Not many girls can pull out this cute act. Sure. It's a cultural difference. Some of you guys may like it. But, man oh man. It really irritates me to see grown girls acts more like children. It's just too weird, I tell ya! ヽ(`Д´)ノ