Let's Bring These Sherlock Holmes Games Back, Adventure Gamers

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Now this is a blast from the past. I remember playing through the first volume of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective ages ago. It was a full motion video adventure game, and my memories are very fond. The games were more stodgy, goofy Sherlock than cool, sexy Sherlock, but that didn't make the mystery-solving any less fun.


(Note: the FMV games also aren't these amazing Sherlock games, but that's also okay. There's room for lots of Sherlock Holmes games in the world.)

Picking up on all the Kickstarter energy generated by Tim Schafer and inXile's Wasteland 2 kickstarter, mobile game company called Zojoi has started their own kickstarter to fun porting all of the Consulting Detective games to PC, Mac, and iOS/Android.

In the kickstarter video, Zojoi's Dave Marsh outlines how they'll go about bringing the games over to modern platforms. Zojoi is already working on bringing he first adventure to mobile platforms, but would like to raise an additional $55,000 to help them port all nine of the games to other platforms.

Marsh goes on to say that if they raised enough money, they could even make an entirely new adventure game, and that contributors could serve as casting directors for the new game. I'm not quite sure what that will entail, but okay!


I don't think I ever played any of the Consulting Detective computer games past the first one, but man, that image is a punch right in the nostalgia bone. Ow!

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Peter Cushing Sherlock is best Sherlock.

BBC Sherlock is pretty cool too, but Peter. Fucking. Cushing.