Let's All Read The Very First Issue of Nintendo Power

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Designer Eoin Stanley, who we featured a little while ago on Total Recall, doesn't just archive beautiful old Nintendo logos. He's also got on ice something more informative; namely, the entirety of the very first issue of Nintendo Power.


It's not his - it appears to have belonged to a young Mr. Jeremy Salsman - but we thank him for his stewardship all the same.

You're not going to get much news out of a magazine that's nearly 25 years old, but you will get some terrific art, including a double-page Gauntlet ad that really should have been the cover.

Nintendo Power's first issue was released in 1988, and it initially served as little more than a big, glossy advertisement with some cheats and walkthroughs in it. Believe it or not, for those who don't survey newsstands, the magazine is still around today, though in a slightly different form; once Nintendo's official mouthpiece, the magazine was handed off to Future Publishing in 2007, making it for all intents an independent publication.

You can read (and download!) the issue at the link below.

Nintendo Power [Eoin Stanley]


Joshua Timlen

I might just be paranoid, but I'm always wary when reading reviews of first-party Nintendo games in Nintendo Power due to nepotism or whatever you wanna call it.