Isaac Hou is a Taiwanese-American street performer hailing from Taipei City in Taiwan, where he lives for one thing: dazzling people with his amazing skills.

Hou was recently the subject of a clip done by Kuma Films, a group of YouTubers who travel around the world to record and share all sorts of unique and fascinating stories—or to show off some incredible performances. Like Hou's, for instance.

Hou is a man of many talents, but he is mostly known for his contact juggling and cyr wheel skills. He did, however, start off juggling torches, according to the Taipei Times. After traveling the world in his youth, Hou eventually settled in Taipei, where he performs both on the street and at private events.

Since he began performing regularly in 2005, Hou has popped up several times on YouTube. Here's a recording of one of his performances from 2010:

Another one from a year later:

And here's an earlier clip, where Hou demonstrates his contact juggling skills:

Kuma Films will be sharing a behind-the-scenes vid of Hou's performance soon, so keep an eye on their YouTube channel if you want to know more.


Lord of the Ring [Kuma Films@YouTube]

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