Thanks to the PlayStation 3's ModNation racers, game developers who might dream of detouring their best series into the Mario Kart genre can instead just make, say, an Uncharted ModNation track. The official Uncharted mods are now available for all.

Developers from Uncharted studio Naughty Dog have made an official bundle of ModNation DLC: ModNation versions of heroes Nathan Drake and Sully as well as a track that recreates the first game as a kart-racer (watch the video here to see how that works).


The Sully character, Sully car and track are free. Look up the creations of ArtistSpotlight1 within ModNation to find them. The Drake mod and his car are paid downloadable content that were formerly rewards for pre-ordering the game from Best Buy. They cost $2 and can be bought through the PlayStation Network store.

ModNation Racers: Naughty Dog's Ride, Online Region Lock Removed [PlayStation blog]

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