Let Sleeping Dogs Drive and This is What Happens

I told you not to bother them. Now they're doing stunts, participating in illegal street races, and jumping from car-to-car with larcenous intent. BAD DOGS.

The game formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong features a massive open world filled with things that explode, shatter, or die horribly when hit with sufficient force. Naturally vehicles are an important part of this complete destruction.

This looks like the sort of game I will buy just to wander about for hours, mindlessly killing nouns (persons, places, and things) until the voices in my head stop.

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The action hijacking kinda reminds me of a mix between Just Cause 2, and what happens at around 3:20 in the video.

I really wanted more parts in GTA IV where you jump on cars and trucks like that.

I might buy this game.