Let’s See If You Could Be an Undercover Superspy

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Okay, breathe. You’ve been trained for this. All you need to do is answer the questions about your cover identity correctly and your captured colleague doesn’t get subjected to all manner of inhuman torture. Uh, how old is your pretend brother again?

Riffing gently off the James Bond mythos, Q is a Twine game based in the browser created by zampano. It asks players to memorize a randomized set of biographical details and then answer a series of questions about them. Every correct answer inches an abducted fellow spy closer to freedom while every wrong response gets him more beat up by the unseen captors. It’s a fun little test of short-term memory that gets increasingly tense as it goes on.

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Anyone who tries it, the game thinks it’s 2015. This is important for date/time-based questions. You’re supposed to be able to back calculate your birthdate based on your age, but you need to know it’s 2015.