Not sure about James Franco’s.

In honor of tomorrow’s launch of Rock Band 4, Activision has released a Guitar Hero Live promo spot featuring Lenny Kravitz and James Franco. It’s kind of adorable, and totally safe for work as well!


Franco does manage to slip in a reference to Kravitz’ infamous dick slip (is that the phrase?) during a concert back in August, but for the most part it’s good clean taunting fun.

At one point Kravitz attempts to pause the game, which brings up a nifty factoid. Rather than traditional downloadable content, Guitar Hero Live will allow players to amass tokens in order to play songs from its expanding library in an On Demand sort of fashion. These tokens are earned by playing through tunes on a live channel. Music will run 24/7 on live channels, and players can tune in and start or stop playing at any point. It’s almost like playing along to the radio.


As Kotaku’s rhythm game czar, I’ll be looking at Guitar Hero Live when it launches on October 20.

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