Lego Worlds' Space Expansion Is So Damn Cheerful

Sandbox building adventure Lego Worlds gets its first expansion today, taking players into the classic Space setting, where millions of Lego fans have gone before. It’s all good futuristic fun, even the moon spiders.


Players who download the $3.99 expansion pack for Lego Worlds on Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4 gain instant access to a Lego Space adventure world, packed with iconic builds and minifigures. There are gold bricks to discover, quests to complete and a whole bunch of new models for players to scan into their arsenal of vehicles, scenery and characters.

Here’s a short trip tour of the space adventure world, with color-coded astronauts, helpful robots and plenty of spaceships.

So far my favorite new addition is the missile launcher. I fired it four or five times before I realized I was slowly destroying the moon. That’s good times right there.

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As for my least favorite addition, that’s an eight-legged no-brainer.

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I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned to build in space back to Lego Worlds’ more terrestrial realms. I believe fantasy land is far overdue for a good saturation bombing.

The expansion’s a nice little helping of content at a relatively modest price. And now that Classic Space is done, the Lego Worlds’ folks can get to work on that Fabuland expansion I’ve been bugging them about.



This looks like good fun :) is this something (LEGO Worlds in general) you would recommend for my 4 year old and I to dive into? She thoroughly enjoyed LEGO Batman on the PS2 (we’ve managed to secure a 65% completion), I’m just worried about the PS4 controls being overly complicated.