Lego Vidiyo Lets Kids Make Augmented Reality Music Videos With Minifigs

Like this, only it’s your own dreary living room.
Like this, only it’s your own dreary living room.
Photo: The Lego Group

Harnessing the power of augmented reality and featuring songs from Universal Music Group artists, Lego Vidiyo lets kids and adults with too much time on their hands put together colorful music videos filled with special effects and dancing toy llamas.


Lego Vidiyo is a neat idea. Kids download and install a phone app with their parents’ permission. Then they choose family-friendly music from a selection of UMG artists. Then comes the toys part. Using a series of new 2x2 plates called BeatBits, players can control how their music video plays out. There are BeatBits that add special visual and audio effects. Other BeatBits contain signature dance moves for special Lego minifigures. Once the stage is set, all it takes is a couple of seconds for the app to scan the toys and boom, your child—but more likely you--are a music video director.

I look forward to collecting and losing these colorful squares.
Photo: The Lego Group

Video creations should turn out something like what we see in the debut video below, cute little clips ranging from a few seconds to a minute, set to the backdrop of your home, your backyard, your head, your pet, whatever. Videos can be uploaded and shared via the Vidiyo app but—and this is important—they won’t be available to the community until they pass moderation. Yeah, I heard that sigh, you monsters.

There’ll be more info on Lego Vidiyo, including what all of this fancy AR business costs, closer to the new line’s March 1 release.

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