After a brief vacation delay, we're back with the final entry in our four-part LEGO Universe MMO log. We'll keep this one short and sweet, with a real world twist.

Kotaku's MMO reviews are a multi-part process. Rather than deliver day one reviews based on beta gameplay, we play the game for four weeks before issuing our final verdict. Once a week we deliver a log detailing when and how we played the game. We believe this gives readers a frame of reference for the final review. Since MMO titles support many different types of play, readers can compare our experiences to theirs to determine what the review means to them.


You may have noticed a rather large gap between the third LEGO Universe MMO Log and this, the fourth and final one. This is due to the fact that I was on vacation last week, and promised myself I would only game for fun during that week off.

A strange thing happened during my hiatus. I found myself missing LEGO Universe, but logging onto the game didn't seem to scratch my LEGO itch. It wasn't until a trip to Wal-Mart late last week that I realized what it was I needed.

Yes, LEGO Universe has driven me to buying real LEGO sets. So far I'm sticking to the World Racers and Power Miners sets, though I have picked up one of the cheaper Atlantis sets and suggested anything from the Space Police line to anyone in my family looking for Christmas gift ideas.
As for the actual MMO, I've put in a good five or six hours since I've last played. I created a new character in order to see what the Venture League faction was like.


I managed to whittle down the time it took me to get to the game's faction selection quest to one hour, but after playing through the same content once with my initial character and again in order to try out the Paradox faction, I had zero desire to go through all of it a third time.


I did shoot some pirates at least.

After burning through most of the game's available content in the first week and then discovering I'm not much of a virtual builder, there really isn't much for me to do except wait out new content.


There's new stuff on the way, including a limited-time holiday area with special rewards and a chance to return to the starship that brought you into the LEGO Universe in the first place, but it's not out now, and I've already given the game an additional week.


So that's pretty much it for my LEGO Universe experience. I expect to pop in now and again when new areas become available, but for the most part I feel I've seen what I came to see.

Look for the final LEGO Universe MMO review later this week, and be sure to check out the previous MMO logs for a detailed look at how I spent my time in the LEGO Universe.

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