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LEGO Universe Beta Ready To Brick Your Computer

Illustration for article titled LEGO Universe Beta Ready To Brick Your Computer

NetDevil's massively-multiplayer LEGO Universe has reached the closed beta testing stage, with invites flooding the inboxes of beta test hopefuls across the country.


It's nearly time to join the fight to save imagination from The Maelstrom, but first, a select few must save NetDevil's development team some time and effort by going through LEGO Universe brick-by-brick, helping uncover bugs and fine-tuning the player experience.

We've received multiple forwarded closed beta test invites this morning, indicating that the first round of testing is kicking off tomorrow morning. Testing will run on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays until further notice.


Thanks to everyone who forwarded the emails! If you didn't make it in to the test, feel free to stop by the game's website and caress your monitor covetously.

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