Continuing to pile on the properties into 2017, Lego Dimensions gets a massive story pack based on the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie and ‘80s David Hasselhoff on February 10.

The good news is not only are we getting a chance to play as iconic ‘80s hero Michael Knight, driving about saving people from whatever it was he was saving them from in his cool talking car, K.I.T.T., we’re also getting a physical David Hasselhoff Lego minifigure.


The even more good news is that we’ll be able to play through the entire Lego Batman Movie in the story pack, which comes with the new Robin, a Bat Computer base build and . . . Batgirl, which is a little awkward considering recent animation releases, but we’ll make it work.

The only bad news, really, is that the Knight Rider fun pack will be a timed GameStop exclusive, and the Excalibur Batman fun pack from The Lego Batman Movie will be a timed Target exclusive.


Whatever. Timed exclusives be damned, I need Will Arnett Batman and ‘80s Hasselhoff. Homer sums up my feelings exactly.


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