Continuing to pile on the properties into 2017, Lego Dimensions gets a massive story pack based on the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie and ā€˜80s David Hasselhoff on February 10.

The good news is not only are we getting a chance to play as iconic ā€˜80s hero Michael Knight, driving about saving people from whatever it was he was saving them from in his cool talking car, K.I.T.T., weā€™re also getting a physical David Hasselhoff Lego minifigure.

The even more good news is that weā€™ll be able to play through the entire Lego Batman Movie in the story pack, which comes with the new Robin, a Bat Computer base build and . . . Batgirl, which is a little awkward considering recent animation releases, but weā€™ll make it work.


The only bad news, really, is that the Knight Rider fun pack will be a timed GameStop exclusive, and the Excalibur Batman fun pack from The Lego Batman Movie will be a timed Target exclusive.

Whatever. Timed exclusives be damned, I need Will Arnett Batman and ā€˜80s Hasselhoff. Homer sums up my feelings exactly.