"LEGO Minecraft Micro World" to be Unveiled Next Week

Illustration for article titled LEGO Minecraft Micro World to be Unveiled Next Week

The LEGO Minecraft concept that passed approval with LEGO's petitioning board has a name and has a reveal date. It won't be at Toy Fair this weekend, but it will be at LEGO World Copenhagen on Feb. 16.


The set's model name is 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World.

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I love Legos but I have a hard time seeing what Minecraft Legos can do beyond what Legos do already. Just a cross-promotion cash cow made in Heaven, I suppose. It'll certainly sell. Maybe Lego will use that money to make better sets than they've been doing lately? They won't, just more Bionicle- and Hero Factory-like things most likely.