Epic LEGO Lord Of The Rings Diorama Took 200,000 Bricks To Build

Alice Finch - who earlier this year built the world's biggest LEGO Hogwarts - has teamed up with another builder, David Frank, to recreate The Lord Of The Rings' Rivendell. Using around 200,000 bricks.


The complete diorama spans 10 feet x 5 feet (or 3m x 1.5m), with work done not only by Alice and David, but David's kids, who were put to use on stuff like making the water.

It's impressive at a glance, but doubly so when you get closer and see the detail and actions depicted; Arwen's race against the Ringwraiths, for example.

Tolkien's Rivendell comes to life with 200,000 LEGO bricks – exclusive interview with builders Alice Finch & David Frank [The Brothers Brick]


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