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LEGO Fanatics Plan Massive Modern Warfare, Vic Viper Gatherings

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This year's gathering of some of the world's biggest LEGO fans—they call themselves Adult Fans of LEGO—at Brickworld 2010 will combine their brick engineering talents for two major video game themed collaborations, one adorably Call of Duty-themed.

Brickworld 2010 organizers are planning a total of four sci-fi collaboration displays, but two caught our attention.


One is the Vic Viper Fly-In, a collection of LEGO-based ships based on the iconic spacecraft from Konami's Gradius series. The group collaboration has a somber tie, acting as a memorial to the late Nate "nnenn" Nielson. Nielson, who was the victim of a fatal accident early this year, was a well-known LEGO aficionado and master spaceship builder, crafting dozens of original Vic Viper-style ships.


Gradius and LEGO enthusiasts should do themselves a favor and check out Nielson's Flickr stream.

Alongside the Vic Viper Fly-In will be the Operation Brickworld Second Sun display.

The collaborative display is named after the thirteenth level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and will feature a "collection of infantry, vehicles, and combat-torn buildings set in a sub-apocalyptic world." The LEGO version of Second Sun will feature the same destruction of Washington DC and the ensuing EMP blast.


You can check out some of the planned contributions to Operation Brickworld Second Sun at Flickr as well.

Brickworld 2010 is happening next month at the Westin Hotel & Convention Center in Wheeling, Illinois, running from June 17 to 20, should you happen to find yourself in the area. If you do plan on attending the show or contributing to some of the collaborations, let us know.


More details at the official site.

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