Lego City Undercover Is Basically Grand Theft Auto With Cops. And Legos.

You can run around a very blocky open world in Lego City Undercover, an upcoming Wii U game with some cool new features. Don't expect any blood or prostitutes here, but City Undercover really does feel a lot like a brickified Grand Theft Auto: you walk and drive around an open city, following missions and interacting with civilians. You can also use the Wii U controller in some neat ways.


Check out the above footage, shot by Kotaku video editor Chris Person, for a hands-on look at the game.

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At first I was like "holy balls an open world Lego game!", but after watching this video, it is clear that the controls and the need to stare down at the "gamepad" for things as simple as a map completely ruins it for me. Just put the fucking map on the screen, ditch the WiiU controller and give me a normal controller PLEASE!