LEGO Castle Is Not What It Seems

Mahj's castle build might look a bit ordinary at first look. Something's not right here.


That's because it's a giant, walking mecha LEGO castle!


Here's video. Too bad we don't have a chance to see inside, it's probably filled with a lot of stuff. Or running mice on a treadmill.

Gradior [YouTube]

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This would be really cool in some high fantasy epic like LOTR or some such movie.

Think Helm's Deep but bigger and as the approaching army begins marching toward the castle with its imposing towers. As the army approaches they hear a vast groaning and rumbling, startling their advancing ranks who are looking to and fro, unsure of what they are hearing and more unsure of what they think they're seeing - did that parapet just move? - all the while being whipped into place by their commanders and then all of a sudden the towers stand up and start approaching on the advancing army, while arrows and hellfire rain down from above and the castle becomes its own small army of walking mecha-like beasts.

Fucking hell I'd pay to see that on screen. Haha.