'LEGO Breaking Bad' is Good Enough to be Worth a Hellacious Spoiler

If you're not current through Season Four of Breaking Bad, it kills me to give you a spoiler alert, because this thing is fan-tastic. I'm dillydallying around with LEGO City Undercover right now, but if made, I would 100 percent this mofo tomorrow.


The work of one Brian Anderson on YouTube, it memorializes what was, at the time, the most awesomest thing I ever saw on television, the penultimate episode of Season Three. It's a scene that I told Kirk, "I could watch 80 times and it would still be awesome on the 81st." And on the 82nd, with minifigs and an achievement-unlocked punchline, is like seeing it for the first time.

However, that scene is no longer the most awesomest thing I've ever seen on TV. It was quickly replaced by the infamous Season Four finale, and if you have not yet watched that, there is a brief—very brief—spoiler alluding to it in the character selection menu. I almost missed it the first time (0:22 to 0:23) but it's a spoiler worse than the extended cut scene from 1:33 to 2:31. But oh God, it's got Wendy, and Mike—and Héctor! The minifig face for Héctor is priceless.


Your best bet is to just catch up on the show already, and then come back and see this. Because it's got a superbuild Krystal Ship. And Walt's baby-shit green Aztek, too.

[via Polygon]

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The problem with lego games is that they focus more on the characteristic take on themes than the builiding/sandbox element.