LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games Comes to iPhone, Touch

And the iPhone and iPod Touch hits keep on a coming. The latest announcement: Lego Batman: Gotham City Games. Sure it's not the real game, but it has potential.

First and foremost, the game was developed for TT Games, the people behind the full-fledged title. Also, there's the price which is just $6 right now, instead of the going rate of $10 for big name titles.


Now the potentially bad news: The game is a collection of mini-games. Wait! It could still work. Afterall these are still LEGO we're talking about.

The game will have players go through 16 mini-games that lead them through Wayne Manor. Along the way you'll get to pilot the Batwing, solve some Riddler puzzles and check out a new storyline.

Here's a breakdown of some of the challenges:

Batarang Skill Shots: Players master the Batarang and take out as many villains as possible
Batwing Pursuit: In this third person vertical shooter mini-game, players pursue the Scarecrow’s bi-plane using the Batwing
Bane Boxing: Bane loves training hard and likes nothing better than a good workout on his beloved body. In this game players memorize a sequence of attacks to the bag and replicate them through tapping their finger on each area of the bag at the right time.
The Riddler’s Maze Game: In this game players select where The Riddler will end up. A number of exits are presented and only one is correct. Players then touch the one they think is correct to see if they can escape!


Once players master the game to become a True Hero or True Villain, they unlock bonus content including never before seen artwork, trailers and wallpapers. The wallpapers can then be saved into the player’s iPhone or iPod Touch picture library and used to identify callers or to spruce up the background of their phone.


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