The Black Panther downloadable content for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers dropped today. It features several panther idols and a panther-headed monorail, along with several less interesting things.

Available today for $2.99 or free with the $9.99 season pass, the Classic Black Panther Pack for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is worth it just to run around LEGO landscapes as the caped Black Panther and his sister, Shuri.


The brother and sister duo star in a rather tame Black Panther adventure. T’Challa and Shuri must save Wakanda’s Panther Theme Park (or just Wakanda itself) from the evil Klaw and the Black Knight. It’s basic stuff, and the final battle is just awful. Luckily you don’t have to play it, as I already did.

At least we get some cool new characters to play! Back in the core game Black Panther and Shuri are joined by their adopted brother the White Wolf, Klaw, Black Knight, Killmonger, a Dora Milaje warrior and my personal favorite, M’Baku the Man-Ape as newly selectable brick people.

Help I have been eaten by an ape head-first!

Here’s hoping Civil War catapults Black Panther to even greater levels of fame, and one day he gets to co-star in a Shuri game. Shuri really is the best.

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