Retro LEGO Desktop Really Takes Me Back

LEGO retro-tech master Chris McVeigh uses muted brick colors to travel back in time to the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, when the computers were beige and the floppy disks plentiful.

Those were the days. The days when I was so happy just to have a computer that I didn’t bother covering my desk with toys or cans or bits of extraneous technology. The days when my mother wouldn’t let me have food in the computer room, so I’d hide hot dogs and chips in the drawers.

I’m sure I’ve got a LEGO hot dog around here somewhere.

Back then a telephone was a thing attached to the wall, and you couldn’t pick it up if you were connected to an online service, lest it scream in your ear and cause you to restart that 30 minute download of a single dirty picture.

I distinctly remember wanting an office chair, though the computer room had thick carpet and the wheels would be rendered useless. Chris’ wheels can be taken off (as can the armrests) without leaving you with a teeter-tottering seat.


My favorite part of the build is that disc case. I must have had a half dozen of those things, packed with unlabeled disks containing mysterious data that would eventually be thrown out once their usefulness ended.


And for those of you who weren’t part of the PC revolution back in the day, there’s always this model.


Chris McVeigh will post a building guide for his My Old Desktop sets later this month. Those interested in buying the set outright complete with custom printed pieces can preorder everything they’ll need at McVeigh’s shop for $99.50.

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