Gamers eagerly awaiting the chance to chop off a werewolf's head in the middle of an annihilated New York City will be getting their chance next month, as Gamecock Media Group announces a September 30th release date for Spark Unlimited's fantasy horror shooter. Along with the release date comes news of the pre-order bonus, an attractive Legendary art book, complete with a DVD filled with trailers, behind the scenes looks, and general eye candy. Even more exciting that the art book, Spark Unlimited is also releasing a 96 page graphic novel detailing Deckard's fight against the Black Order, written by none other than Legendary comic book writer Mark Waid. See what I did there? It's a double meaning. Accentuated with a capital letter. Is the weekend here yet? Look for the graphic novel to hit around the same time as the game. Look for the box art after the jump!


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