“The first thing I will do in #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom is put meat on an arrow. I must know what the meat arrow does. I swear on the life of everyone that I know,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Nintendo show us what the meat arrow can do you cowards,” wrote another.

“I can’t wait to beat the final boss of #TearsoftheKingdom with my raw meat arrow,” another wrote.


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Imagine it…meat boomerangs, meat hang gliders, meat hammers, and meat tornados. The smörgåsbord of meat weapon possibilities may be endless. But carnivorous huntsmen be warned, Link’s meat weapons, as with most weapons in TotK, will break should you push them past their breaking point. Y’know, just like in real life. If your personal meat weapon has degraded IRL, please consult your doctor.


Whether the endless possibilities for snuffing out the lives of Link’s adversaries at the hand of his schmeat weapons rouses your interest in playing the BotW sequel or not, Tears of the Kingdom is slated to release on May 12 on the Nintendo Switch.