Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Is Coming To Switch

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Brightly colored Legend of Zelda dark horse Skyward Sword is getting a second lease on life. Or a third, if you count the Wii U eShop re-release. But I don’t.


As part of today’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced that Skyward Sword is getting an HD re-release. The new Switch version will be out on July 16.

Originally, Skyward Sword made use of the Wiimote and nunchuck for sword-and-shield controls, and the new version will replicate that with the Switch Joy-Con’s motion-control functionality. However, the game will also allow for button controls if you feel that swinging controllers every which way is a trend best left in 2011.

Skyward Sword was good, but it also marked the point at which many felt like the 3D Zelda formula began to grow stale. If it hadn’t been met with that kind of reception, we probably never would have gotten Breath of the Wild. That said, perhaps all these years later, people will better be able to appreciate the game on its own terms. If they’re not feeling too impatient for Breath of the Wild 2, that is.

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Ah the absolute last Zelda game I wanted a port of...