Left 4 Dead, Now In 3D

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It's like Jaws 3! With zombies! But, sadly, no Louis Gossett, Jr. Oh well. This mod for Valve's Left 4 Dead takes the regular old game and renders the whole thing in 3D.


Proper 3D. Like, you need the red & blue glasses and everything. I'd imagine that makes the game 2x as terrifying, and as such, too terrifying for me, but for more adventurous souls, you can find details below on how to get it running, along with the minimum specs you'll need to do so.

3D Left 4 Dead? For free? Oh yeah, here's how [gamerslastwill, via Ars Technica]


Bearded Bastard

:( no ati support for this lol. i dont have yellow blue 3d glasses either , but im sure i couold find yellow and blue tint plastic paper stuff, and some cardboard to make my own