Left 4 Dead Movie Posters Get Real

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Those deliciously pun-laden movie posters that precede each of Left 4 Dead's campaigns can now decorate the wall of your choice. Valve has put all four posters up for sale at its online store. The artwork for No Mercy, Death Toll, Dead Air and Blood Harvest adorns each of the posters, which measure 18" by 24". That's definitely smaller than some of us would have liked, but at $6.99 each (or $14.99 for all four), we can't really complain. Hopefully they'll sell magically and Valve will be forced to print them up at larger sizes to appease our consuming hunger. Did I mention I really like this game? Valve Store


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~Short~ Valve Rant time :^D

too many valve game fanboys buy any little thing valve puts out, any nerdy collectable. like that lame plush

also valve FPSs are all the same, just different weapons each time, different maps, and different characters. but same gameplay and practically same game, minus the story...

(worst backed up rant ever, and i personally love valve and i love left 4 dead and day of defeat)