Left 4 Dead Map Lets You 'Dismember The Alamo' Right Now

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Remember the fan-created Alamo Draft House Left 4 Dead map built for that theater's zombie filmfest, previously featured on Kotaku? If not, here's the elevator pitch: zombie film festival begets Left 4 Dead map, modeled with impressive detail.


That map, known as "Dismember The Alamo," has just been released for your enjoyment, letting you engage in zombie survival panic, Left 4 Dead style, at one of the world's most revered movie theaters. Creator ZapWizard has offered the Alamo Draft House virtual recreation for download at Left 4 Dead Mods, which seems to be the place for custom maps.

Let me know what you think, since I won't be able to immediately enjoy it. And see if he included the basement.

Dismember The Alamo [Left 4 Dead Mods]


Cake Tank!

I'm suddenly having visions of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Oh, hey, there's a DVD of it three feet from my face! Movie time! #left4dead