Left 4 Dead Loves Dead Rising 2

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Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 team gives Capcom a little love today with this image, hidden inside a blog post on the release of part three of The Sacrifice digi-comic. Then Chuck Greene shows up.


Valve has no qualms about broadcasting its love for other games, especially when it comes to the Dead Rising series. Frank West got a cameo of sorts in Left 4 Dead's The Passing downloadable content, after all, so it makes sense that the second helping from Capcom would score a little love as well.


Not only does Valve offer up this love letter, cleverly hidden behind an exclamation point, they also give Chuck himself a shout-out in the pages of the comic, seen below.

Illustration for article titled Left 4 Dead Loves Dead Rising 2

If two game companies can't whether the zombie apocalypse together, then what hope does the rest of humanity have? Perhaps one day we'll all gather 'round the television to play a rousing game of Left 4 Dead Rising.

The Sacrifice Comic Part 3 [Left 4 Dead Blog - Thanks Ego!]

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I have to say, Dead Rising 2 is probably one of the worst games I've ever played. I've concluded that I pretty much hate everything Capcom makes and I find it extremely hard to understand why they are a successful developer/publisher. To see a company like Valve actually promoting this massive pile of crap is astonishing to me.