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This project was announced a little while ago, but this is our first good look at Taito's licensed take on Left 4 Dead. As an arcade game. In Japan.


You won't notice much different about the gameplay footage. It's Left 4 Dead as you know it.

But that narration. It cuts the series' tone off at the knees. And I love it for it.


If you're wondering how it controls, check it out. Early predictions had this down as a lightgun game, but nope. The cabinet uses Wii Remote nunchuks for player movement, while there's a mouse attached for aiming, meaning it'll control just like the original versions.

Oh, there's one more change. The character models. Gone are Left 4 Dead's American survivors, replaced with a crew that's a little more Japanese. Complete with, yup, schoolgirls.

There are more pics and info at Arcade Heroes and @lifelower.

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