Left 4 Dead Comes To Mac, Goes Cheap

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Mac owners can start "grabbin' peels" today with the arrival of the original Left 4 Dead, which Valve has released via Steam. To celebrate the latest Windows-to-Mac port, Left 4 Dead is now 50% off. But wait, there's more!

In addition to Mac support for Left 4 Dead—delivered kind of on time, no less—Valve has also made the following updates.

  • In Versus mode Tanks will spawn in stasis until a human player takes over. Tanks in stasis are invisible and invulnerable, and won't move or attack
  • Tank speed is no longer reduced when on fire
  • Allow players on the Infected team to manually spawn during finales
  • Added a vote option toggle All-Talk
  • Any Special Infected that causes a Survivor to stumble into a "ledge hang" situation will receive 50 points
  • Bullets that first pass through an infected character before striking a Survivor are now ignored as friendly fire
  • In Versus mode car alarms will now trigger anytime a Special Infected pulls or stumbles a Survivor into an alarm car
  • Protected console commands that can be used to lag or crash servers

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Good news: You can now play Left 4 Dead on your Mac.

Bad news: You probably won't be able to run any Java applications once you upgrade to Lion.

Have fun not playing Minecraft. Blame Oracle, not Apple.