The first add-on for zombie apocalypse shooter Left 4 Dead 2 may be more expansive than Valve originally lead us to believe. A new update on the downloadable campaign "The Passing" promises new "game modes."


Buried at the bottom of an announcement about a midweek deal on the full version of Left 4 Dead 2—it's just $24.99 USD on Steam, $33.99 USD for Xbox 360 on Amazon, by the way—is a rundown of The Passing's features, including more than one new game mode. The rest of the new additions—new weapons, the new Fallen Survivor uncommon common infected, a run in with some of the original Left 4 Dead survivors—are already known. New gameplay modes, presumably adding to Survival, Scavenge, and Versus, have not yet been specified by Valve.

The Passing is planned for "spring," but we're not sure if Valve is still on schedule for the "late March" release it was aiming for at X10. We've reached out to Valve to get an updated release date, but have not yet heard back.


Passing the Savings on to You [Steam - thanks, Kowl Slaw!]

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