Gamers looking for more story in their Left 4 Dead 2 experience may want to refocus their efforts on the web. Ellis, one of the game's new Survivors, and his favorite fictional band, the Midnight Riders have YouTube accounts.

Right now, there's not much to the Midnight Riders' YouTube channel, just like the web site that bears their name. What the Riders do have is a legion of similarly fictional fans, many of whom are infected with the "green flu" but plan on catching the band at Whispering Oaks or the Peach Pit.

One of those fans is Ellis the mechanic. His YouTube account—showing his taste for the Midnight Riders and Swedish country techno band Rednex—is full of Ellis personality. The same for his Facebook page.


Left 4 Dead 2 fans looking to explore the story on a deeper level should befriend and subscribe now.

Midnight Riders & Ellis [YouTube - thanks, P-Zan!]