The centre of the firestorm over the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 seems to be that Left 4 Dead 1 players feel they're being left behind. But what if they're not?

Speaking with TVG, Valve's Doug Lombardi has said that the develoeprs are looking into allowing cross-play between owners of both games.

"That's something that we're trying to work out the details of right now," Lombardi said. "So nothing specific to say today, but we understand that it's a very valid thing to be working on and looking at."

Wonder how that would work. Maybe it's only for PC players? Owners of both games see the same server list, but can only join maps from a game they've got installed? Or the maps for the version you don't own can be made available as DLC?


Valve "Trying To Work Out" Cross-Game Play Between L4D1 & 2 [TVG]