Illustration for article titled Left 4 Dead 2 Box Art Digital Gore Dialed Down To Appease ESRB

Thanks to the official Left 4 Dead blog, we now know the ESRB's rules for how many gnawed of human fingers one can highlight on a video game box: exactly one.


According to an update to the official blog, courtesy of "L4D Team," the Entertainment Software Ratings Board apparently thought that having a chewed off pinkie and ring finger in addition to the gobbled up thumb, as seen on the original Left 4 Dead, was going a little too far. Left 4 Dead 2 will have to stick to the "one for the thumb" ESRB bylaw for its box art. What is this? Germany?!


Ars Technica has visual proof of that clearly over the top violation of the ratings board's ruling from E3, which looks like another 11th hour change. Frankly, we're all a little upset about this modification to the creator's original vision and will formalize our box art boycott plans as soon as is humanly possible! Grr!

Rules of Thumb [L4D]

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