Strangers can be jerks. Granted, they can be cool, too, but if you're competing in an online shooter, chances are that they're jerks. And sometimes you have to play with them.

But now that Battlefield 3 server rentals will be going live for the Xbox 360, you'll be able to control who you play with. It's been active on PCs and launched the PS3 last week. On the Xbox, the cost of a rental starts at $1.50 (or 120 Microsoft Points) per day and a month's rental will run you $25/2000 MSP. Server leasees will be able to name specific users as VIPs, letting them jump to the top of the queue. You'll also get the usual admin powers of kicking and banning jerks off your virtual property. The new functionality comes via a huge patch that fixes loads of issues in EA's marquee FPS series.


So, if you and your buddies have got specific match types or maps that you like to stick to, you can pool your cash and rent a Battlefield 3 playground of your very own.

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