With the annual Game Developers Conference set to kick off next month, we're starting to learn much more about the talks, including one that promises to walk us through the creation of the Nintendo 3DS.

Hideki Konno plans to lecture about the development process of the Nintendo 3DS, a perfect fit for a show that will also feature Nintendo president Satoru Iwata key noting and a talk from the studio behind Donkey Kong Country Returns.


This year's Game Developer Conference will also include a rare talk by Epic's Cliff Bleszinski, who will take a break from those endless Bulletstorm videos to discuss the industry lessons he's learned and how he applies them to the road ahead. The talk promises to include the often vocal Bleszinski's thoughts on "AAA gaming, social gaming and the connected future."

The show kicks off on Feb. 28 this year and as always, we'll be there covering the talks, interviewing the developers and spotting the trends.