Code Hero isn't your basic first-person shooter. You'll have enemies, and you'll be "shooting" them, but it won't be with assault rifles and pistols. Instead, you shoot lines of Javascript to command the environment around you. Need a platform moved over? A certain kind of enemy eliminated in one fell swoop? There's a code for that.

Primer Labs developed Code Hero with the intention of teaching budding game developers how to properly use coding to build their games. Although you can effectively complete the game with code given to you by the tutorial, Code Hero rewards its players with bonuses if you step outside their guidelines and try your hand at the less obvious choices.


Code Hero is essentially a puzzle game. In fact, it's been referred to as a Portal of sorts, replicating the similar introductory levels that introduce basic concepts to you in simpler puzzles. Sandbox mode allows to you make your own creations and, in fact, shipping your own game applied to Unity3D is the only way to officially beat Code Hero.

Co-founder Alex Peake is confident in the game's potential for success. He told Edge Online:

Portal proved it, The Sims proved it. Guitar Hero proved it. These are games that made it safe to not be Call Of Duty and proved that there is a market for intelligent meaningful games where you get something out of it and it reflects on real life.

While the game is currently in beta, you can still help fund the project on Kickstarter.

Code Hero [Primer Labs]


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