Leaked Videos Show What Destiny Looks Like on the PS4 [UPDATE: Gone]

Illustration for article titled Leaked Videos Show What emDestiny/em Looks Like on the PS4 [UPDATE: Gone]

Only a select group of people have been able to get in on the alpha test for Bungie's next big game. One of those folks streamed Destiny off his PS4 last night.

Spotted on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6eV_L…NeoGAF, the two videos show off about 15 minutes of playtime in the sci-fi shooter coming from the makers of Halo. You can see the player shoot his way through multiple missions as a Hunter subclass character and get a taste for how the gear and loadout customization will probably work in Destiny. As important as Destiny is to Activision, there will almost surely be more of it on display at E3 next week.


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