Leaked Poster Reveals Destiny's Next Expansion, Rise of Iron

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Destiny’s next expansion is called Rise of Iron, according to leaked marketing materials that popped up on Reddit last night. The expansion, which is expected in September, should be officially revealed at E3.


Two sources familiar with Bungie confirmed the authenticity of this poster to Kotaku last night. The Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid and will be larger than the two year-one DLC packs, according to a source. (Of course, as The Taken King showed us, the amount and scale of content in a Destiny expansion can vary wildly and it may not be fair to compare this to previous DLC.) It’s not clear how this expansion is related to Destiny’s regular Iron Banner PVP event, but that appears to be Iron Banner maestro Lord Saladin brandishing a hammer (or axe) in the poster.

The new raid will center around “Fallen with a twist,” said a person familiar with goings-on at Bungie. Development on that raid started last summer, according to that source. At one point Bungie had planned to launch it in April, but it was delayed when their plans shifted at the beginning of 2016.

Correction - 5/20, 10:44am: I originally reported that the new raid is based on the one that was cut from House of Wolves, but this morning a source reached out to say that was incorrect, and that development on the new raid had actually started from scratch last summer. I apologize for the error.

Here’s another look:

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In January, as we reported earlier this year, Bungie moved its internal target for Destiny 2 from 2016 to 2017. Replacing D2 in this fall’s slot will be Rise of Iron, although it’s not clear what else Bungie will release between then and fall of next year. From what we hear, Destiny 2 was recently rebooted, with Taken King director Luke Smith taking the reins of that project in the wake of a Bungie staff reorganization.

Bungie has not yet returned a request for comment. We’ll see more of Rise of Iron in June.


Gene Jacket

Depending on when Destiny 2 is actually planned to drop (likely Sept of 2017, or later, were I guessing), this had better be at least as big as The Taken King, if not marginally bigger.

In a perfect world, it would be roughly as much content as Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King combined, but I’m aware that isn’t terribly likely. I felt rather cheated by how shallow Dark Below was, but did enjoy both HoW and TTK.

To be totally honest, though, unless Rise of Iron is radically different, in one way or another, from what is already there...it’s very likely I’ll pass on it. After burning through TTK is a week or so I stopped playing entirely until SRL, and didn’t touch it again until a couple of weeks ago to check out the April update.

I don’t know if I can justify what will likely be another $40 dlc pack for a game I barely play anymore.